I. Ownership of the Website

Asociación Cicerones Rurales (hereinafter "Cicerones Rurales"), with registered offices at C/ Felicidad 6, 2º A, Alhaurín el Grande 29120, Malaga and with CIF G93592780 is the owner of the Website www.ciceronesrurales.com and its sub-domains (hereinafter “the website”)
By simply using the website and browsing through it, your status is that of “User” and you accept the terms set out herein. Users therefore undertake to carefully read these Terms of Use.

II. Definitions

A User is the person who uses the website to find an experience and make a booking.
The guide is the person or company that voluntarily publishes its experience on the Website.
The Website is an intermediary that publishes information on agro-tourism experiences in Malaga and offers tools to allow the User and the guide to communicate and make bookings.
Cicerones Rurales is a Spanish association that owns the Website and manages its web content system.

III. Purpose of the Terms of Use

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to regulate the use of the Portal, its content and its free or paying services for the Website Users.
Cicerones Rurales reserves the right to make any modifications it deems appropriate in its website without prior notice, being able to change, delete or add both the content and services provided through it.

IV. Content

Images uploaded by Users are subject to review by Cicerones Rurales. Cicerones Rurales reserves the right to not validate images or even to remove images that have already been published, whenever they are unrelated to the subject matter of its Websites or do not provide value to other Users; subjective criteria may be applied during the validation. In any case, Users declare that they own all rights to content, such as images, published on the Website.
The opinions sent by Users are individual and subjective and belong to the User who posted them and not to Cicerones Rurales. The Website reserves the right to suspend or delete any opinion that it deems unauthentic or disrespectful, or that violates these terms, and to request information from authors to verify its authenticity.
Cicerones Rurales is not responsible for any opinions expressed by Users, and Users undertake not to publish opinions:
That do not match his/her own experiences after staying at an establishment.
That are defamatory, inaccurate, false, abusive, injurious, obscene, irreverent, offensive, insulting, tacitly or expressly sexual, threatening, harassing, racist, sexist, discriminatory for any reason, that violate morality, public order, fundamental rights, public freedoms, honour, privacy or the image of others or, in general, that violate current legislation and/or that are illegal or that infringe upon the rights of others.
For commercial purposes, or that are false, misleading or promoting illegal activities or rude, threatening, obscene, defamatory or offensive conduct.
That contain personal data about third parties that require the consent of the data subject.
That are duplicated. Each user may only add a single opinion about each experience. In the case of group stays, only one opinion will be allowed per stay.
That are created by the guide for the experience in question. In this case, if any guide is found to be writing opinions about their own experiences, their experience opinion system may be deactivated, and they may even be removed from the Website.
Users will be liable to Cicerones Rurales or to the guide for any damages and losses that may be caused as a result of failing to follow these rules. The Website allows the publication of positive and negative opinions about the experiences, but Cicerones Rurales does not intervene in User opinions, accept liability or guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the opinions.

V. Intellectual property

The full or partial reproduction of Cicerones Rurales content is strictly forbidden without express written consent. Unauthorized use of this content will give rise to the legally established liabilities.
Users undertake to make appropriate use of the content and services offered by Cicerones Rurales, particularly when publishing images, for which they owns the usage rights. Cicerones Rurales will not be liable for any User violations of its Website that affect third parties.
Any User who publishes content on the Website freely and non-exclusively assigns to Cicerones Rurales the rights to reproduce, distribute and communicate said content, and expressly authorises the transfer of those texts and images to third party websites with which Cicerones Rurales makes agreements. Users accept sole liability and Cicerones Rurales is exempt from liability for any copyright infringement claim.

VI. Responsibilities of Cicero Rurales

Cicerones Rurales will only be liable for damages that Users may suffer as a result of using the Website when these damages are caused by intentional and negligent action by Cicerones Rurales. After accepting these Terms of Use, Website Users are aware that they are using the Website under their own responsibility, particularly regarding the publication of opinions or images.
Cicerones Rurales is not responsible for the accuracy and precision of the information published on the Website and therefore will not be liable for any decisions taken based on such information or for any damages caused by it.

Cicerones Rurales provides information services and does not act as an intermediary for booking experiences. Users contact accommodation guides directly; Cicerones Rurales is not party to any contracts and bears no responsibility for the quality, content, price or availability of services that are contracted, or that have been contracted in the past.
Cicerones Rurales is not party to any contracts and bears no responsibility for the quality, content, price or availability of services that are contracted, or that have been contracted in the past.
Users acknowledge that it is not technically possible to achieve 100% Website availability. However, Cicerones Rurales will take any measures necessary to keep the Website available for the maximum amount of time possible. Cicerones Rurales shall not be liable for any damages and losses caused by any Website service downtime which are not the result of intentional or negligent actions by the Website.
Cicerones Rurales accepts no liability for third party websites that can be accessed via links, or any content provided by third parties. Any links or accesses to third party websites shall be used at the user's own risk and of his/her own volition. Cicerones Rurales neither recommends nor guarantees any of the information obtained by or through a link, nor accepts liability for any loss, claim or damage arising from the use or misuse of a link, or of the information obtained through it, including other links or websites, for any interruptions to service or access, or for any attempt to use or misuse a link, both when connecting to the Cicerones Rurales websites and when accessing information on other websites from the Cicerones Rurales website.

VII. User Obligations

In addition to the obligations described above, Users undertake to:
Use the Website according to the Terms of Use.
Provide accurate data and keep them up to date.
Not insert information contrary to the Terms of Use of the Website, or contrary to current legislation.
Not use false identities or engage in phishing when using the Website or its services.
Safeguard their access details and password, undertaking to not transfer their use and accepting any liability that may arise from their improper use.

VIII. Termination

Cicerones Rurales may suspend or take down the Website or any of the services offered to Users, at any time and without prior notice. In any case, Cicerones Rurales may interrupt the service provided to any user who uses the contents or services of Cicerones Rurales in an unethical, offensive or illegal way, or in a way that is contrary to the terms of use and/or contrary to the interests of Cicerones Rurales.

IX. Communications

For the purposes of these Terms of Use and for any communication required between Cicerones Rurales and the User, Cicerones Rurales may be contacted by post at the following address: C/ Felicidad 6, 2º A, Alhaurín el Grande 29120, Malaga, or by using our contact form.

X. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by, and interpreted according to Spanish legislation. Users may file any actions that they deem appropriate with the Spanish courts corresponding to the domicile of Cicerones Rurales, or before the courts of the place where the User resides or where permitted by consumer and user legislation. Where the User is not considered as a consumer, the competent jurisdiction will be the domicile of Cicerones Rurales.