turismo malaga

CICERONES RURALES is a SOCIAL INNOVATION project aimed at creating SELF-EMPLOYMENT linked to experience-based tourism in Malaga, by enhancing the RESOURCES OF THE TERRITORY and creating EXPERIENCE TOURISM PRODUCTS.

And always highlighting the role of WOMEN as the people who pass down local culture.

Since our inception in 2018, we have achieved:

  • Training for 165 young entrepreneurs in the province in the creation of experience tourism products.
  • The creation and sustaining of jobs in villages
  • The creation of new rural tourism experiences developed by people who are proud of their villages
  • The creation of a website for the joint marketing of the experiences created.
  • Our establishment as an association
  • The registration of our brand
  • The presentation of our sustainable tourism at Fitur
  • The use of the Sabor a Malaga” (Flavours of Malaga) brand
  • Finalists in the ESCAPADARURAL.COM awards
  • Project hosted by the Go2Work Collaborative Spaces Programme run by the School of Industrial Organisation
  • The project is a beneficiary of the 2017 and 2018 invitation to submit social innovation projects, run by the La Noria Social Innovation Centre as part of the agreement between the Malaga Provincial Council and the La Caixa” Social Project.
  • The writing and publication of Cicerones Rurales: Agro-tourism in Malaga. A step-by-step manual for creating tourism experiences in the agricultural and agri-industrial sector in the province of Malaga. Inspiring ideas

If you are interested in experience-based, local and sustainable tourism in your area, or you and your neighbours have knowledge of the ethnographic, heritage, environmental and cultural wealth of Malaga, then you can count on us.