Rural guides training 150 h

A training programme aimed at local governments and municipal associations... The training programme includes theoretical and practical sections to encourage students to create experience tourism products. This training programme has a solid track record, with 50 tourism experiences having been created by previous students of the Cicerones Rurales programme. This training resulted in 20% of trainees getting job placements.



  • Part I. Culinary resources of interest to tourism in the province of Malaga.
  • Part II. Experience tourism as part of Rural Tourism in the province of Malaga
  • Part III. Marketing and branding
  • Part IV Business management


  • Help with designing tourism products
  • Joint marketing

Rural guides workshop 20 h

Workshop aimed at town halls and municipal associations who want to locate potential local experience tourism guides from among the population.


  • Part I. Culinary resources of interest to tourism in the area
  • Part II. Gastronomy and the farming and livestock sectors as a tourism resource.
  • Part III. Experience tourism as part of Rural Tourism in the province of Malaga
  • Part IV. Marketing and branding
  • Part V. Management and legislation in experience tourism companies.

Bite-size rural guide training 5 h

Bite-size training aimed at local corporations, municipal associations and education centres aimed at encouraging young people to become entrepreneurs in the creation of experience-based products in their area.


  • Presentation dynamic
  • Your area's resources
  • How to create an experience-based product
  • Tourism products creation workshop.
  • Displaying the created products


Advice for the agricultural sector on diversification of farming activities

Consultancy service for agro-industries and agriculture and livestock operations, aimed at creating tourism products as a means of supplementing income. Advice in the following areas:

  • Diagnosis
  • Competition analysis
  • Adaptation of facilities
  • Proposed routes
  • Launch pack
  • Registration with marketing portals
  • Guides’ handbook


Cicerones Rurales Network

A service aimed at anyone wishing to form part of our Network of Experience Tourism Guides. Forming part of our network gives you the following benefits:

  • Training and education
  • Search for resources
  • Advice on product design
  • Joint marketing
  • Customised monitoring
  • Reduction of risks, time and costs
  • Recognised and registered trademark
  • Visibility as a group
  • Forming part of the Cicerones Rurales Association