Cicerones Rurales tells of his experience in Mexico

Toñi Gallego, Cicerones Association President, participated on September the 23rt in a cycle of virtual dialogues “Tourist neighborhoods: Building Sustainable Cities”. The event was organized by the Mexico DF Tourism Office.

cicerones rurales mexico

Cicerones Rurales shared his success in creating employment in rural areas of Malaga through sustainable tourism models. Gallego took a tour of the work association since its birth in 2016, with the training of more than 250 young people and with a job placement rate of more than 15%. In addition, he delved into the different models of sustainable tourism promoted by Cicerones Rurales in the province of Malaga, from gastronomic to well-being, through active or cultural tourism.

The event held online also had the participation of Francisco Pastor, an expert in communication, tourism promotion, and sustainability issues. Pastor has experience in the Tourism Area of ​​the Malaga City Council and CIFAL Malaga, the United Nations Sustainability Training Center for Senior Positions in the city of Malaga.

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